Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Lobster Mystery

Before we came to Australia, there are foods that I just dreamed of serving to my family. Roast beef, Roast duck, Alaskan Snow Crab, and even turkey are just a few on my list. One that is on top of my list is the Lobster.

A Lobster was a mystery to us before we came here. There were a lot of things that I thought it would taste like. Firstly, I thought that it would taste like chicken. I also thought that it would taste like shrimps or crabs. Back in the Philippines, we couldn't afford to buy a Lobster. It was way too expensive back then. Actually, it is still expensive here; but relatively, it is more affordable than back in the Philippines.

So I could happily say that the Lobster mystery has been solved here, and I was able to serve it to my family. My kids didn't like it much, but the wife just loved it. It didn't really take like chicken; but resembled more of the shrimp and crab.

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