Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MasterChef Australia is Back!!!

With all the commotion about My Kitchen Rules dying down, and everyone is tuning in on the latest Underbelly series; Food takes center stage once again. Yes, the original show that put Food back on everyone's minds and in everyone's mouths is here again. MasterChef Australia returns to Ten for a new season with more enthusiastic energy from the contestants, the judges, and even the viewers. Both Poh and Julie have moved on to be successful in their own rights. Poh now hosting her own cooking show on SBS. And Julie's book about to come out. Their lives have been surely changed for the better by the show. I guess the question on the back of everyone's minds now is, who will be the next MasterChef.
The show has a refreshed format in that it jumped right away into the top 50 tackling different challenges daily. The show is now into it's 3rd episode and people are getting more excited than ever. Everyone know's that the first season of the show generated a lot of raves from nearly everyone. Even my kids mention that they were discussing MasterChef with classmates at school. Now the office cubicles are abuzz again with the latest MasterChef updates. Cooking and Food is back on the map.

I admit, I still hold a place in my heart and "stomach" for the original MasterChef on Lifestyle food; but the Australian format is surely a holistic format. It appeals more to the whole family. I can't say more. It gets my kids excited about Food and recipes.

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