Friday, September 4, 2009

Shrimp and Peas

One of the challenges of working 8 hours a day is having time and the brain capacity to whip something quickly for a family dinner. So I usually try to be invented as I go. I just try to pick up anything in the fridge and whip up a dish that my family will scarf down. It was actually in one of those days when I invented this dish which has now become a regular for us. It was quite easy, and very tasty too.
It all started with the idea of just coming up with a dish that had 3 ingredients only. So here they are: Shrimps (preferably peeled ones and cleaned), frozen peas, and tomatoes (the mini Roma variety is best with this). All you need to do is microwave the peas for a couple of minutes. This is just to defrost them and partially cook them too. You can also boil the peas if you prefer. Cut the mini Roma tomatoes in half. They are small enough to be bite size, so cutting them in half would be fine. Then stir-fry the shrimps with a little salt and garlic powder. Add the peas and tomatoes when the shrimps are cooked. Let the peas and tomatoes cook for a while, and then the dish is ready to serve.

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